Elyar Fox – ‘Billion Girls’

Elyar Fox

Elyar Fox burst into the music scene earlier this year with his first, top 5 single, Do it all over again and is now set to release his second single Billion Girls.

Fox,18, originally posted an array of covers on YouTube including Boyfriend by Justin Bieber and Live While We’re Young by One Direction, creating a loyal fanbase which he now calls Foxers.

Billion Girls has an instantly memorable tune and alongside his boyish good looks and charm produces a perfectly pop package for a younger teen market.

It’s lyrics may not be completely accurate, as I’m sure there are a lot more than a Billion girls in the world and are somewhat cheesy, however the song has a great hook especially through the chorus of  ‘There’s a Billion girls in the world but there’s only one youuuuuuuu’, the inoffensive, and simplicity of the lyrics leave you smiling and wanting to sing along.

Elyar fox 2

The Breakdown in the song, ‘There’s just something about you, That makes me feel like I want to, So baby hear when I tell you, it’s true’ teemed with the video of Fox, serenading a female with a guitar who is somewhat disinterested, has fans screaming to be Elyar’s Billionth Girl.

Elyar recently opened for hit boyband The Wanted on their Word of Mouth tour, where Billion girls was a great crowd pleaser, leaving girls jumping out of their seats to dance and sing along giving the arena a great party atmosphere, where Elyar himself did a great job at making each girl in the arena feel as though he was singing straight to them.

Elyar Fox is a bright, young and fresh new talent to enter the music industry and fans seem to love his energy and enthusiasm, he’s the guy all the girls want to be with, and all the boys want to be like… a bit like Justin Bieber all those years ago.

Billion Girls is out TODAY! (April 13th 2014)


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